The faster you unveil your site, the speedier your ideas will go live. Which is why, we’ve produced an amazing assortment of over 800 no charge layout themes that are offered in the Web Hosting Control Panel. You don’t need to invest many hours checking galleries of very similar designs and hoping that you will locate an original layout for your site. All the themes are fully easy to customize and are also presented with each of our cloud web hosting accounts.

The themes are focused entirely on many topics and actions. We offer themes that are ideal for individual websites just like blogs as well as enterprise sites, like online stores. Almost all of the templates are readily available only with EZ Weather’s cloud hosting services, and this provides you with the cabability to have a completely unique layout for your web site.

800+ No Charge Layout Themes

100% customizable. Automatic Installing

To save you time when selecting the correct appearance for your website, we’ve created a offering of over 800 no charge layout themes within the EZ Weather Control Panel. The themes are engineered to handle distinct subjects and necessities – you will discover web templates both for individual sites such as blogs or portfolios and company websites or web shops.

All of our no charge layout themes are available together with both our Web Applications Installer and also EZ Weather’s Straightforward Website Installer. Consequently you can actually deploy the template that suits you on a new web site within seconds.

Free Website Themes